JerkMate Review

Do you need someone to jerk off with? If yes, then that is what we will be talking about today. Sometimes you may be bored, and a movie won’t even cheer you up. Well, jerking off is one great way to cheer yourself up. But the problem is finding a jerking mate. Jerking off to some porn isn’t as thrilling as jerking off with someone on a live cam.

JerkMate is one unique site in the porn industry. Most porn sites are either offering ordinary porn or common live cam services. But JerkMate knows exactly what porn fans want. This site offers you a chance to find a partner who matches your desires, and together you can jerk off as you help each other reach orgasm.

Signing up

Like every porn site, JerkMate requires you to create a free account before you can navigate through the site and find a match to masturbate with. The process is an easy one and shouldn’t take you long.

To create a free account, you need to select the option located at the bottom of the site. This will take you to a page where you will be required to fill in your details. All the site requires is an email address, a nickname, and an eight-letter password.

You can also sign up with your Google account, which is easier and fast. This process is free, and it doesn’t require much of your information.

The Website Experience

An easy to use and simple website is what porn fans like. When it comes to jerking off, you really want to spend less time going through the site. Simple and easy to use websites let you have more time jerking off with your match than struggling with navigation. So next time, consider using a simple website if you want to have a better experience. is an amazing, simple, and an easy to use website.The website is also attractive. It has a white background with beautiful pink and light blue colors. This is a sexy theme that just sets the mood right for masturbation.

The first thing you meet when you load the site is a template asking you the gender you want to jerk off with.The homepage features a short video of a woman masturbating. There is a drop-down menu on the right containing gender categories. The site also asks for your age in order to help suggest the most suitable partners for you. is a simple and attractive website that shouldn’t give anyone trouble to use. The navigation is quite simple, and you get to find whatever you are looking for with ease.

Why you Should Jerk Off at JerkMate

JerkMate has a lot of categories of live cams you can choose from. This is the best thing about JerkMate. No matter how wild and strange your fetishes are, there is always someone for you on JerkMate. Some of the categories include; blondes, anal, big ass, facial, domination, among many others. 

The site has a search function that comes handy if you want to narrow down the options. You can use filters like features, region, and age to get more precise results. Users with premium accounts can use the advanced search box, which yields more accurate search results.

JerkMate allows you to watch live cams of hot pornstars. To use this feature, access the ‘porn star’ tab, which contains hundreds of live cams featuring known pornstars.  This gets you the chance to watch live cams featuring your favorite pornstars.

This site also features hardcore porn videos. You can find them under the videos section on the site. The videos also come in all sorts of categories. These categories include; Asia, blondes, BDSM, teens, MILF, and many more. JerkMate gives you the chance to jerk off to some hardcore porn.

Jerking off at JerkMate is even better with an instant messaging option where you message another live cam performer. You can use the messages to ask for certain favors. This helps you get your fantasies satisfied on this site. is the only site that lets you select whether you want to jerk off with men, women, couples, or even trannies. So you are sure to be satisfied here.

Bottom Line

JerkMate is an awesome site to help you find a perfect partner to can jerk off with. With its wide variety, JerkMate guarantees you the best masturbation experience you have ever had. So head over to JerkMate, find your perfect jerk mate, and together have the best jerk off experience.

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